Are Cuban ball players salaries out of control?


We need more.  We want more.  We certainly are seeing that the Cuban ball players defecting from Cuba are making a small fortune for themselves and their families.

The question remains why?

Why are Cuban players making all of this money with no “American” baseball track record to speak of.

Consider this, Major League Baseball has bonus pool rules tied into the player’s service time:

5 years on a Cuban League in Serie Nacional and or the age of 23. Cuban players that defect are exempt from the bonus pool structure leaving teams with a surplus of international spending.

This means that the more that teams bid on a Cuban player that is younger, they can offer what I would call exorbitant contract figures.

Surely the agents are driving the price up as the going rate to sign a good Cuban star increases.

Teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers are banking or mortgaging their future with the recent signing of Hector Olivera (6 years 62.5 million), who might need a surgery to repair his UCL in his right arm.

I waited a long time for Cuban stars to take to the Big League scene after watching cult heroes such as Jose Canseco and Rafael Palmeiro allegedly embarrassed themselves amidst steroid controversy.

To see this renaissance of Cuban stars now is refreshing, but it makes me wonder…how much is too much?

Owners of Major League teams can essentially stock their teams with talent as well as their coffers with Cuban talent as long as the players themselves start to create a Cuban Dream in America.

The question is, who’s next?

Which Cuban star will be the next one to surpass all odds to get to America and realize their dream?

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