The dilemma Cuban Americans face: To root for Cuba or not?

This coming week marks the first visit by a US President to Cuba since 1928. Calvin Coolidge, graced the island with his presence and now 88 years later president Barack Obama will land in Havana and meet with leaders and dignitaries on the island. 

While this blog is not about politics, one can’t help but mention that the Cubans in Cuba who play baseball could be greatly impacted by ongoing and ever evolving policy between the US and the Republic of Cuba. Republic because that’s what it says on a Cuban passport. 

Two weeks ago, Cubans in Cuba, at least in the press and not on the “hot corner” in Havana began to chastise and criticize the Gourriel brothers as they made safe passage through the streets of Santo Domingo into the waiting arms of Scott Boras and his cronies. 

Cubans in the US, such as myself and others devoured the pages of El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish version of the Miami Herald and balanced the font type and print between the controlled Granma in Cuba. 

So now, what do we do as Cuban Americans? Whether we are first generation or fourth generation, the attraction of the royal blue and red catch our eyes. Or is it the Chicago Cubs like “C” that sets strongly on a red or blue hat that make us proud of our heritage. 

Do we root for the Gourriel brothers and that they show up as a packaged deal  on the Yankees or Red Sox, teams that can pay a kings ransom for their services?

Are we rooting for the Cubans to play well overall in international competition because they have nothing and just love to play the game of baseball the way it was meant to be played with a fervor for the dramatic and true gamesmanship leaving the Cold War politics in the dust at home plate?

These are some difficult questions and surely not even a trip from the Dominican Republic to Panamá can answer these questions. 

The question is do we still root for Cuba?